COVID-19 And Your Appointment

I have put in place a number of measures to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. I have also completed 2 COVID-19 Hygiene and Safety courses and put in place additional precautions beyond the necessary guidelines. Please follow all the rules in place to ensure my home, salon, you and me stay as safe as possible.

Here you will find further details on what I have in place so you can attend your appointment with the knowledge that I’m doing everything I can to keep you safe. If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to ask. I appreciate its a lot of information so please feel free to just read the parts in pink and if you’d like further information you can read the sections underneath in grey. 

Please don’t attend your appointment if: 

  • You feel unwell in anyway.

If you feel unwell or have C-19 symptoms please reschedule your appointment immediately. If you have symptoms or are ill I cannot offer you an appointment until your 2 week isolation period is over and you are clear of all symptoms. If you’re not sure the best thing to do is cancel and get tested. 

  • You have come into close contact with anyone with COVID-19 symptoms.

If anyone in your household has symptoms or feels unwell or if you have been in close contact with anybody else that has symptoms/tested positive please reschedule your appointment for 14 days later.

  • You have recently been abroad.

If you have been anywhere abroad please wait until you have been home and symptom free for 2 weeks before attending an appointment with me. This relates to all countries. 

  • You have been advised to self isolate. 

If you have been contacted by track and trace or advised by government to self isolate please reschedule your appointment for after your isolation period is over. 

Arriving to your appointment

  • Make sure you have completed your COVID-19 health check form.

Please ensure you have completed and sent back your COVID-19 form, this will have been sent to you online to complete, this is to minimise the contact of paperwork. If you haven’t provided me with your email address you will need to remember to bring the paper copy given to you with you to every appointment and text me if you answer yes to any of the questions before arriving (you will still need to bring the paper form so I have a signed copy for my records). I need this form completed before every appointment as any changes that relate to COVID-19 can have adverse effects on your treatment. If you contract COVID-19 you will need a new patch test. 

  • Arrive at your exact appointment time.

Please DO NOT arrive to your appointment early. I have left enough time between each client to ensure no clients bump into each other and to thoroughly clean every area between each client. So please wait in your car until your appointment time and before ringing the bell as I can’t let you in until I have finished cleaning. If you are late to your appointment, the time you are late by will be deducted from your treatment, depending on what treatment you’re having your appointment may need to be cancelled (full charges will still apply).

  • Arrive wearing a clean mask.

You MUST bring and wear a clean mask to your appointment. Please put your mask on before I answer the door. If you forget your mask I may have one you can purchase for £1.00. Stock is very limited so please try to remember to bring your own. If I don’t have one spare I won’t be able to carry out your treatment. You must keep your mask on at all times until you leave the premises. 

  • Arrive with your hair tied back. 

If your treatment requires you to lie down please (if your hair is long enough) tie your hair into a low ponytail (secured at the base of your neck) that will be comfortable to lie down with. This is to keep hygiene levels at their highest and to stop me touching your hair to move it out the way. I do have hair bobbles available for £0.10 to cover the cost of the hair band. Alternatively you will need to twist and tuck your hair into your t-shirt. 

  • Arrive with an empty bladder.

I am restricting use of facilities so please ensure you use the toilet before you arrive for your appointment. If you are desperate you can use it however please be mindful that it is a family used bathroom. I also won’t be offering drinks at this time so please bring your own, in a bottle, if you’d like to. 

  • Arrive on your own.

You must not bring anybody else with you to your appointment. I am only allowed one person in my house at a time. This includes people that are part of your household. They won’t be allowed into the premises under any circumstance. If you usually attend your appointment with someone else you will now need to book separate appointments. 

On Arrival:

  • Your temperature will be checked. 

This is to ensure you don’t have a high temperature. If you do have a high temperature (38 degrees or higher) then unfortunately I won’t be able to carry out your treatment. I will also check my temperature throughout the day and if my temperature is high I will cancel your appointment. 

  • Wash or anti bac your hands. 

On entering please either wash your hands in the kitchen sink or use the anti bacterial gel available. You are welcome to wash your hands on leaving too. I will wash my hands before and after every treatment and use anti bac throughout your treatment too. After you have washed your hands please go straight into the salon room. 

  • Maintain social distancing.

Sorry no hugs or kisses.

After your treatment

  • Pay by cash or card.

Card is preferred, however you can still pay by cash but please ensure to have the exact amount available so I don’t need to give you change. 

  • Contact me if you become unwell.

You must contact me immediately if you have any symptoms within 14 days of seeing me. If you test positive you must tell me and ‘track and trace’. This is so I can self isolate and get tested and minimise spending C-19 to other clients. 

Me and the Salon

  • If me or anyone I have been in close contact with has symptoms I will cancel your appointment immediately and self isolate for 2 weeks and/or get tested. I will also let you and ‘track and trace’ know if I have been in contact with you.
  • All soft furnishings have been removed from my salon and replaced with plastic covers which can be thoroughly cleaned and sterilised before and after every client. All areas and tools that are used are fully sanitised then sterilised between every use. The salon will be deep cleaned at the end of every day.
  • I will be wearing a clean disposable mask and apron, and a visor for every appointment. My hair will be tied back and I will wear clean uniform every day. My hands will be washed before and after every treatment and anti bacterial gel will be used throughout your appointment.

Whilst I will do everything in my power to keep you safe, the salon and me exceptionally clean and hygienic there is still a high risk of transmission this is because I cannot maintain social distancing whilst preforming treatments and I will be in extremely close contact with several people a day. Please think about this carefully before booking or attending an appointment, especially if you or someone in your household is considered vulnerable. 


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